GPAI Milestones
GPAI Milestones

GPAI Milestones

GPAI would like to show the community it has hit every milestone since becoming a registered charity in 2015. We will list and detail each of these milestones to show our dedication, determination and attention to detail by our Committee and team.

With such a large vision, we at GPAI believe it is very important to complete all those smaller visions that were stepping stones to our current position

1. All Ability Golf Program (Tanawah Golf & Tennis 2014)
2. Become ACNC Registered Charity (May 2015)
3. Established Office (Nambour Old Ambulance Station 2015)
4. PGA Article Published
5. Retail Store Opened (December 2016)
6. Golf Charity Store Opened (Stronger Communities Grant obtained 2020)
7. Golf Simulator Operational
8. Purchased Commuter Bus 2022